Corrina Corrina on Strummer soundtrack

The Future is Unwritten


the Joe Strummer documentary soundtrack (docu features in the Sundance Festival) will have a Dylan song “Corrina, Corrina” on it. Bob is big fan of The Clash, who spearheaded the punk movement in Britain, along with The Sex Pistols. Joe Strummer said of Dylan “He invented the whole field we all work in.” At least he didnt try to cut him with a bottle like fellow punk rocker Sid Vicious did, back in the late seventies. Seems Sid had something against Bob, but no-one knew exactly what his gripe was.

Btw, check this link for Dylan bootlegs “Black Dalli Rue 1965/1966 on Dr. Mooney’s blogspot.

And I choose Bob Dylan. I choose Art. The Newport downloads, also from the good Dr.



  1. Cool site…I’ll have to add it to my daily prescription! Thank you very much for the link to, “Black Dalli Rue 65/66”!!!! You can also find Dylan’s 1965 Newport Electric & Acoustic set on my site!!

    Thanks again!


  2. Thank you! I’ve added the link to the Newport songs.

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