Dylan’s still Lyrics To Go


The Village Voice’s Greg Tate says that Dylan is still the future of not only Hip Hop, but maybe humanity. That he has story in his voice. Actually if you want someone who knows his metaphors from his similies (and will go to great lengths to work on the lyrics he employs) you can go no further than Bobby D or Bob Z, or Zimmy for that matter. This Dylan renaissance is probably the best thing that could have happened to music. For so long Dylan seemed like a genius from another time (the 60s, 70s), but now he’s back, and usually right before your eyes, coming to a town near you soon. The article goes on to suggest what to listen to if you’re new to Dylan-Highway 61 Revisted, Blonde on Blonde, BOTT, and of course the latest three, Time Out Of Mind, Love and Theft or Modern Times, or you could try listening to Blind Willie McTell from the 80s or even Street Legal, Desire, or Hard Rain from the 70s, hell try Bob Dylan the debut album, and the brilliant Freewheelin Bob Dylan, the Beatles first intro to his Bobness.

King Of Wreck -The Village Voice



  1. great page
    dylan is god
    there’s no one better than him
    continue like this


  2. Thanks. Dylan is the ‘only one.’

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