Farewell to Eric Von Scmidt

“I first heard this songericv.jpg from Ric Von Schmidt, in the green pastures of Harvard University.” Who can forget the immortal first spoken words from Bob Dylan on ‘Bob Dylan’ the debut album?

Eric Von Schmidt (1931-2007) wrote the song Dylan was to sing over and over again ‘Baby Let Me Follow You Down’ . A great song. A great rockin’ song.

Illustrated Eric Von Schmidt Discography

Eric Von Schmidt-The Gallery



  1. Robert Brooks

    Eric didn’t write that song. It comes from Blind Boy Fuller. He wrote some stuff that is so much better.

  2. Ok, so Eric arranged the song. It’s credited to him on Bobdylan.com.
    Personally I love that song,whoever wrote it!

  3. More info-Eric Von Schmidt heard the song first as “Baby Let Me Lay It on You” sung by Blind Boy Fuller which the Reverend Gary Davis claims to have written. It was later changed to “Baby Let Me Follow You Down” and popular in the Greenwich coffee houses with the likes of Dave Von Ronk etc.

  4. Robert Brooks

    Sorry for the confusing pronoun reference. By “he”, I meant Eric.Robert Brooks

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