Memoirs of an Irish troubadour


One of the best gigs of 2006 was Liam Clancy and Odetta in Vicar St in Dublin. (I sang my head off…:-))

For more info on Liam and the Clancys (plus Tommy Makem) Liam Clancy’s autobiography Memoirs of an Irish Troubadour which was published in 2002 is a great read.

Apart from being colourful, informative, historical and rich in language, it also sets the scene in Greenwich Village in the late 50s and early 60s, into which the young Bob Dylan from Minnesota, tumbled. Clancy writes, ‘One night at the bar in Folk City, Dylan said to me,” Hey Lem! Man, my records are sellin’, man! I’m goin’ ta be as big as the Clancy Brothers, man!” He laughed his little kid caught in the act laugh.’ It’s interesting that Dylan went much farther than the Clancys Brothers or any of the other bright lights in Greenwich at the time, like Paul Clayton or Peter LaFarge.

Recommended for Irish music fans, folk fans, 60s fans.

Odetta and Liam Clancy-Blowin in the Wind excerpt-Vicar St.


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