Edie (Blonde on Blonde)


With so much media attention being given to Edie Sedgwick and the Factory Girl film, I dug up some fascinating info on Blonde on Blonde and it’s relation to her. Although some people think that the unknown ‘whisperer’ on the missing Blonde on Blonde pix is Edie, it seems it isnt (it doesnt really look like her). The Blonde on Blonde retrospective goes on…!



  1. Holyhoses Rob

    Michael Gray pretty much dismisses all this Edie business in the Encyclopaedia. Seems like the main culprit was more likely to be Bobby Neuwirth.

    Love that Series of Dreams video, thanks.

  2. I dont think the affair with Neuwirth would sell as
    many box office tickets, he hasnt been mentioned in
    any of the articles about the film…

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