Art For Art’s Sake?


The Factory Girl has been getting terrible reviews, but is it as bad as they say, or is it because, according to reports the original version has been watered down?

And is it creating a relationship with Dylan and Edie that never existed, to sell tickets?

(There is a piece written somewhere about Bob, Edie and Bob Neuwrith going to see the Christmas lights of a Catholic Church one evening, but apart from the suspicions that

Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat and Just Like A Woman were written by Dylan about Edie, no-one is saying anything else.

Mind you, one report has said that the Quinn character (Dylan) is the only voice of reason in the film.

To see the cool trailer click Apple-no less.

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Factory Girl Funny Line:

“Is this where you paint your can of beans?”Quinn to Warhol.

The film is due to be released here (UK and Ireland) in February.


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