Dylan Speaks Some More


I stayed up listening to this WBAI radio show from New York 1966, with host Bob Fass and special guest Bob Dylan (and friends) the other night.
It’s an hour and a half long, and ranges from Bob telling a girl who’s rung up to ask him to share a TV dinner with her, to ‘come over here and set fire to your lipstick’ to a bookstore owner looking for an answer from ‘Bob Dylan’ on when his forthcoming book is coming out.
In between there are a couple of jibes thrown back and forth (one caller says that the programme is a drag, which doesnt please Bob). Oh, and of course there’s the searching for chairs for the entourage, the requests for tea, and much choas.
Great fun, you can kind of see why Bob would get fed up answering questions, he tries to answer, as well as Bob will or can, but some callers dont seem to listen too well.
Other topics brought up; Vietnam, has Bob changed his brand of song, and Bob Fass’s mention of the fact Dylan is tapping his ash on the records…

Get link to show from The New Yorker.


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