Classic Blood On The Tracks

Changing Tracks DVD Review

Changing Tracks is a lovely tribute to the art of Bob Dylan, in this case the 70s album Blood On The Tracks, Dylan’s classic comeback record.

With contributions from authors Clinton Heylin, Andy Gill, Andrew Muir, Mick Gold, and journalist Jonathan Wingate, it starts with a clip of Dylan singing Simple Twist Of Fate (attired in a 70s white frilly shirt) & goes into the background of his musical journey beginning with a wistful looking 60s Bob being asked why is hard on people in his songs- his answer, of course “I want to needle them” and running through the motorbike crash incident & the albums-Nashville Skyline, Self Portrait, New Morning and Planet Waves- that led up to Blood On The Tracks.
Mick Gold says that Dylan had been “a mythical creature who revolutionised folk and rock…making rock poetic, mystical and allegorical.”
But by the release of Blood, Clinton Heylin adds that Dylan was affectively a creative has-been.
Three tracks from the album are discussed in depth Tangled Up In Blue, Idiot Wind and Shelter From The Storm.
While Andrew Muir maintains the album is ‘not just about the pain of separation, but about much more’ Andy Gill says it portrays the ‘problems an artist has to go through and the divisions it makes in the personal life’. Jonathan Wingate thinks it is Dylan being ‘a one man self help group-Dylan works out his issues in song.’ Clinton Heylin ends the Dylan masterclass with this: “It is frankly absurd to talk about anyone in the same terms as Dylan.
Whether they’re punks, post punks grunge-musicians realize there is Dylan and there is everyone else.”
Published by Edgehill Publishing Ltd and available from Isis.
(thanks to Becky at Edgehill Publishing for the review copy)


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